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Do Winemakers Drink Their Own Wine

September 9, 2008

Torlesse Wines June 2008

One of the things I like about working with Kym Rayner at Torlesse Wines is Kym is someone who marches to his own tune. We were talking about his Pinot Noir one time and he commented he drank it quite frequently and had a pretty good idea about the wine and how it worked with food.

It was a comment that I shared one day with a wine buyer and who replied it was a good comment. She then proceeded to share her story about being with several wine buyers in her community when a visiting winemaker was asked the question:

  • “So, what made you start making better wine”

Imagine being in the room as the maker of the wine was asked this question. The reply is fascinating as he smiled and acknowledged it was not only a reasonable question but a good one too. He simply said:

  • “I started drinking more of my own wine and realized I had to step it up”

From this reply it is safe to assume that not all winemakers are into it to the same level. This creates a significant challenge for consumers to know who is drinking their own stuff vs. who is crafting for ratings and reviews.

This is why I commented earlier about seeking to know more by asking these questions:

  • – who grew the grapes
  • – who made the wine
  • – what can you tell me about them

This will quickly let us know who is connected to the wines in a store or on a restaurant list, like those winemakers who drink their own wine.

We learn who really has passion for wine on their own terms. Torlesse Wines and  Kym Rayner are a great combination, creating distinctive wines.