Include Your Wine, Food or Travel Story

Join the Revoulution!

  • YOU — a producer or representative of unique wines, food or travel opportunities from around the world.
  • ME — a supporter of artisan wines from New Zealand and around the world.


TOGETHER — we are building an online community called No Cookie Cutter Wines. It’s THE place for online conversation and marketing of artisan food, wine and travel from around the world.

Perhaps we can help one another. We invite you to spread the word about your handcrafted wine and food. Become part of the No Cookie Cutter Wines community.

It costs nothing, it’s easy to do, and all it takes are your thoughts and stories.

Get the word out about artisan producers! I hope you’ll participate with me and take advantage of the many Social Media opportunites that exist online, starting with No Cookie Cutter Wines.

If you have questions or want to discuss how it works, feel free to email me at or call me at 720.233.5565.

Best regards,
Ron McFarland
New Zealand Food Wines | No Cookie Cutter Wines

The No Cookie Cutter Wines Platform

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