About Ron McFarland

My journey in the wine business began with my introduction to the diverse and exciting wines of New Zealand. This lead to the creation of L & R Imports LLC & New Zealand Food Wines.com. While no longer active in importing or selling wine, I remain fascinated with artisan and handcrafted wines, food and travel destinations from around the world.

I also created a test platform – No Cookie Cutter Wines.com to share information about unique foods, wines and travel. This project is in development and seeking ideas, input, maybe a partner or investor to take it to the next level.

If you have similar passions, a story or idea to share, please send an email to Ron@NoCookieCutterWines.com or give me a call in Colorado at 720 233 5565.

To learn more please visit this page.

One Response to “About Ron McFarland”

  1. Graham Hawkes Says:

    Hi Ron…. I’m the editor of Wine Technology magazine….I’ve been reading various winemakers talking on twitter about the prospects for 2010 and it occurred to me that I should try to canvass the opinion of wine makers, vineyard managers etc on the year to come.

    I’m in production with the WineTech starting Tuesday morning….is there any chance you could give me a few brief sentences on what’s good, what’s bad about prospects for 2010?

    Doesn’t have to be a lot of words, but I’m hearing some scary reports from Marlborough in particular and I would like to get the information from people such as yourself who are at the coalface.

    Just a few words on:

    Grape prices?
    Likely size of the harvest?
    Quality of the harvest
    What will be good about 2010?
    What will be bad about 2010?

    Any chance of an email back by Tuesday evening?

    Best wishes…I hope you can help!

    Graham Hawkes

    Editor, Wine Technology magazine
    TPL Media Ltd
    ph 09 529 3014
    mob 021 654 356

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