Wineries to Visit in New Zealand

 Planning a New Zealand trip to find undiscovered wines, restaurants or special locations for meetings or weddings then Wineries to Visit in New Zealand   is a web site for you. The site lists wineries around New Zealand that are open to visitors for tasting’s, wine sales, meals, weddings, accommodation, functions, tours, etc.

It’s easy to find the big players, just look for the parking lots with the oversize buses, finding the hidden gems requires a little research. Wineries to Visit in New Zealand will make your trip more exciting and memorable.

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4 Responses to “Wineries to Visit in New Zealand”

  1. Ki WiNZ Says:

    Boutique wines from New Zealand to Australia

  2. tweet2eatHB (@tweet2eatHB) Says:

    Here’s 10 Hawke’s Bay Wineries you should visit while in New Zealand. We keep the list updated so as new articles are written for summer 2012 you’ll be able to check them out. Have fun and happy tasting!

  3. Ron McFarland Says:

    Thanks for adding the Hawke’s Bay wineries!

  4. cv writers tamworth Says:

    cv writers tamworth

    Wineries to Visit in New Zealand | New Zealand Food and Wine TV

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