Stellar Customer Service From New Zealand’s Barry Bay Cheese

Exceptional customer service is really special when it happens and New Zealand’s Barry Bay Cheese is a company that knows how to over delight. My wife Leslie recently took her Mother and Father to Akaroa for a long weekend. While there,  she purchased a few different cheeses to enjoy during their holiday. One was not so good – in fact it was so bland Leslie sent them an email when she returned home to Denver.

The email was promptly returned with an apology, a quick explanation that is was a cheese from another company they had brought in and the classic offer to replace it next time they were in Akaroa. Leslie, thanked them for their quick reply – explained she lived in Denver and her Mother and Father lived in Christchurch. Pretty much end of story – typical response – until last Friday. This is when the exceptional customer service kicked in.

Last Friday, Leslie’s Mother received a phone call from Barry’s Bay Cheese and wanted to know if someone would be home as they would like to drop off some cheese to replace the one that was not right. A representative from the cheese shop personally delivered several very nice pieces of cheese to their home in Christchurch – Christchurch is about an hour from Akaroa.

It is pretty special that Barry’s Bay Cheese not only remembered the situation but went the extra step to hand deliver the replacement.

If you are planning a trip  in New Zealand’s South Island – Akaroa and Barry Bay Cheese are two places you want on your list of places to visit.

Once there you will find a small seaside village that was settled by the French. Great restaurants,  B&B, motels and homes to stay in, walking, swimming with dolphins, art galleries, a local winery and of course a cheese shop that will make the effort to delight.


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