New Zealand Cheese News

One one of my visits to the Christchurch Arts Center I came across this mobile cheese shop. Now whenever I visit, I always make a point to stop by the shop. imgp0299

Here is some recent cheese news from the Canterbury Cheese Monger

The rare and exquisite Karikaas 3 ½ yr old Gouda is now available. We have kept these cheeses for over two years ourselves, which means that we only have a small amount to sell each year. Full rich butterscotch flavours and the lactic acid crunch characterise this wonderful example of very old Gouda. Get in quick for your fix before we run out for another year or so.

Congratulations to all our cheesemakers winning medals and category awards at the Cuisine Champions of Cheese awards early last month. As many of you are probably aware two main awards were won by Mercer Cheese Extra Mature with Cumin for the ‘large’ cheesemaker and Over the Moon Dairy washed rind, Gallactic Gold for the ‘artisan’ cheesemaker.

Despite winning the award for larger producers, Albert Alferink from Mercer sells all the cheese they make from their own retail store, so unfortunately we aren’t able to stock and sell this award winner. Their shop is definitely worth a visit if travelling south from Auckland.

We had sampled the Gallactic Gold previous to the awards and had decided to give it a try, but winning such a large award has meant a very busy time for Sue Arthur of Over the Moon and we will be getting some of this cheese as soon as we can.

 Another notable award winner was Blue River Dairy, with their Curio Bay winning the Champion Sheep’s cheese award. Most of our suppliers won medals. Full details of the award winners can be found at the NZSCA website:


You can visit the Canterbury Cheese Monger at 44 Salisbury St, Christchurch, New Zealand. Ph +64 3 379 0075


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