New Zealand Riesling and Pinot Noir San Diego & Las Vegas Tasting


March 30  and  April 7 2009  

Image New Zealand Wine Growers

Image New Zealand Wine Growers

New Zealand Wine Growers will be hosting these events for wine industry media and trade people in San Diego and Las Vegas. New this year will be this special tasting to showcase the regional characteristics of both Pinot Noir and Riesling. The event will also include wines from around the country from leading wine producers.

The Walk Through Taste Tour has been laid out in a self-pour format, where you can taste at your leisure with all information at hand. Please also take one of the seminar packs available which includes reference detail on the seminar. Our New Zealand Winegrowers team are available to assist with questions should you have any, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Here is a summary provided by New Zealand Wine Growers — thanks.

New Zealand produces a number of Rieslings in varying styles, anywhere from bone dry, to late harvest style sweet wines. The selection today runs the gauntlet of styles and caters for all tastes.

  • “In New Zealand its just as common to find top Pinot producers who skip Chardonnay in favor of Riesling. When you consider that Pinot and Riesling are the hottest red and white varieties in the U.S. market these days, it shows how cutting-edge these Kiwis are. If you haven’t
    tried good New Zealand Pinot or Riesling in a while, I recommend you get to it.”
    Jordan Mackay,

New Zealand has long been famed for the success of its Sauvignon Blanc. More recently however the darling of the wine world, Pinot Noir has proved itself to be a viable competitor for the spot as New Zealand’s most acclaimed variety. Recent awards and recognition have only fuelled this flame, with highly regarded examples being produced in many of New Zealand’s wine growing regions. Today we invite you to ascertain for yourself the emerging regional distinctions and discover why Pinotphiles from all around the globe are coveting New Zealand Pinot Noir as a strong deliverer of elegance, distinction and value for money.

  • New Zealand excels beyond Sauvignon Blanc. The country can produce distinctive wines from diverse selection of grapes.”
    Paul Lukacs, Washington Times

To attend these trade and media,events please RSVP with New Zealand Wine Growers – links are San Diego and Las Vegas.

To learn more about New Zealand wine and New Zealand wine events around the world please visit New Zealand Wine Growers.



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3 Responses to “New Zealand Riesling and Pinot Noir San Diego & Las Vegas Tasting”

  1. kari fulton Says:

    We are doing an event with the New Zealand Wine Growers in San Francisco on April 17th, 2010. Can we use your image above?

    Kari Fulton
    KGO Radio
    415 954-8172

  2. Ron McFarland Says:


    I assume you mean either the logo or the wine glass image – both are from New Zealand Wine Growers and doubt they would have a problem – David Strada is your contact and I am sure he has lots of info to support your event.

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