New Growing Season at Torlesse Wines

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I just received this new vintage update from Kym Rayner winemaker at Torlesse Wines in the Waipara Valley.

Torlesse Wines is typical of many artisan handcrafted wineries in New Zealand. If you visit the winery you will be hosted by Kym, his wife Maggie or Paul Hewitt the assistant wine maker. This is pretty cool.

One of the special characteristics of Kym’s wine is the ability to improve over time in the bottle. New Zealand has yet to achieve this recognition and Kym will be one of the many winemakers who is able to show the extra effort in the vineyard pays rewards for us consumers down the road.

Kym Rayner’s Comments  on the 2009  Growing  Season

“The winter of 2008 was normal to bordering on cold with a snow fall in June that settled on the ground at the winery

Late winter rains were very heavy in July and about 3 weeks later in August resulting in flooding around the winery.

Since August, rainfall has been slight torlesse-mapand while we are happy with low rainfall, the farming community around Waipara and in fact much of the East coast of NZ is very dry. We planted some Pinot Gris in late October and have been watering since then

The other significant fact is Waipara had no frost events or no visible damage on our vineyards at least. This coupled with warm dry conditions has meant early flowering and pretty good set.

The only negative is these conditions are also ideal for powdery mildew so there are plenty of sulphur sprays going on. This is an acceptable spray from an organic/sustainable approach.

Our vineyard has been quite untidy this year as we are spraying less herbicide and leaving a wider range of ground cover to bring in more insect diversity, hopefully beneficially,  like lady birds, spiders and bees and the predator wasps.

Things are shaping up for an excellent vintage.”

Thanks Kym, for sharing and letting us know there are some good things to look forward to.








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3 Responses to “New Growing Season at Torlesse Wines”

  1. Katia Montresor Says:


    I am on a personal discovery of Riesling from all over the world. Last Sunday I hosted a very casual dinner with few friends. Torlesse was the featured wines of the evening 🙂 Rieling 2005 to start. A perfect fresh and crispy “aperitivo” with some amuse-bouches! To follow Torlesse Pinot Noir 2004…..a great success!!

  2. Ron McFarland Says:


    We all need to have a similar journey of discovery, whether by grape or region, it makes it more interesting. A good reminder and strategy to stay out of the wine rut.

    Thanks for commenting.

  3. Kym Rayner Says:

    Hi Katia
    I usually recommend 3-5 years as a good starting point for opening our Rieslings . The best part about Waipara Riesling is they will contnue to develop for much longer, 10 years plus. I think it is fun to open them on a regular basis to watch them evolve. Hope you have stocked up.
    As to the 2004 Pinot Noir I have not tried this for awhile, I remember it being soft and supple with a suprising length on the finish as it is not a big heavy wine. I am glad you enjoyed the wines and trust you become a regular supporter of Torlesse wines and the very exciting Waipara Region of New Zealand.
    Kym Rayner, Winemaker, Torlesse Wines

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