Allan Johnston’s Photo Exhibit

Here is a little news from Allan’s Johnston about his upcoming  photo exhibition at Amisfield winery. 

  • – 15 Sep 08 Amisfield Winery Exhibition of Central Otago Vineyards for CureKids 

“We all have a voice, however, we use it in different ways to convey a message. I’ve found my voice via a lens. For me the best way to communicate a message or tell a story to the masses, is with the camera.  

photo credit ©Allan Johnston 2008

This body of work and exhibition is not just about promoting Central Otagos wine and vineyards industry. It’s about helping CureKids raise money to prevent life treating sicknesses.  

As an artist, this exhibition is to embrace the simplicity that we find in the natural lines of the Otago landscape and the way we see it.  

Simplicity, can be a hard thing to achieve at times and every where we look we see lines, whether it be a road running though a vista or a row of vines. Let your eyes flow through and be lead by the simplicity of lines in the images in this exhibition.  

I have used the natural and man-made lines in the landscape to draw your eyes into the photograph and lead you somewhere, such as a road or row of vines. What you see beyond the lines, nobody knows, as we all see something different, to take away a different piece of my world and what I see.”  

Thank you to all the sponsors:  




Alpine Choppers  

TradeScans  —

Kelp Design        

Nikon NZ  

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

“Make life an adventure”

Sir Ed Hillary


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