Critically Acclaimed

There was a junk mail flyer in the recent Sunday paper for a national chain store with the headline “Critically Acclaimed” wines from $6.99 to $15.99

Time magazine had an article some time ago about Top Trends – one was a return to “Authenticity”. There is even a book titled Authenticity and it is surprising to see how many products have evolved and now need to make a claim to be either “authentic or real”.

What is going on?

It seems we need others to tell or reassure us what is real, authentic or critically acclaimed. Nowhere is this more true than in the world of wine. Other people’s comments, scores and reviews have reduced our ability to say one or the other:

  • – “yes, I like this”
  • – “no, I do not like this”

 Is it we have given up the joy of discovery and learning?

Yet we seem capable of going to the movies before the Academy Awards are announced and deciding if we like the movie. Same for music, Grammy Awards certainly spike sales but we know before the awards if we enjoyed the tune.

Awards and recognition have been with us forever and are everywhere. From ancient times to everyday county fairs, it is only natural they exist as a source of entertainment. For some reason the fear of choosing wine baffles me.

Why is this?

Can someone shed some light why we need experts to tell us what to buy?

Is the language of wine out of balance and in need of something else?

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