Decisions 2008

Daily we are bombarded with messages telling us to do something in 2008 to change the world. I wonder if these four year cycles really change the world or just the cycle?

Here is a decision to consider and implement in 2008. Next time you walk into a wine store ask these two questions:

  1. who grew the grapes and who made this wine?
  2. what do you know about them?

The reason I suggest these questions is they will provide you with some insight into what the sales person knows about the wine and introduce you to wines that are made by real people in real places. I believe it will lead you to the wine shops and sommeliers that are really excited and interested in wine. We should also watch for wine writers who make a habit of sharing the people side of wine too.

Before you call this silly, do it at least 5 times with different locations or people. Watch the responses and see who is really connected to the inventory or just capable of pointing to the ratings tag by the wine.

So what, you say again. As we all try and find the reasons for what we buy, I feel wines made by real people are wines with something unique and special about them. The challenge is trying to uncover them and I sense the path runs right thru the better writers, retailers and sommeliers around the world.

These are the people who delight in helping you find special wines to share with friends and food. Wines that make your evenings memorable. Whether it is a wine from California, Italy, New Zealand or wherever, these new friends will help.

Too often the conversation goes either two ways.

  1. at the cash register “did you find everything you need” or
  2. “how much do you want to spend”

Think about this for a moment. In the first situation it means there was most likely no one around to help. If a used car sales person asked question #2 very few of us would spend our money with that individual. For some reason it is OK in the wine shop.

I’ll leave you with my final thought and it seems the language of wine as evolved to a point where it might need a tune up and my two questions might be one way to improve your daily glass of wine.

  1. who grew the grapes and who made this wine?
  2. what do you know about them?

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