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A New Reality

July 24, 2008
Hardly a day goes by that we do not hear or see comments that we are entering a new era for energy and I wonder what this new reality means for food, wine and travel throughtout the world. The great business thinker Peter Drucker wrote a book titled The New Realities and used the visual description of traveling up  one valley and down to another. Clearly there is a new land in front of us with many new opportunities and new ways.

I wonder what this means for small countries like New Zealand that are far from the world’s population centers yet are fantastic for food, wine and travel. New Zealand wine is enjoyed everywhere and is on the cusp of launching the next chapter in its wine history with the many numerous New Zealand Boutique wines  now finding their way outside of the country. Wines made in small quanitities by real people. People that live on the vineyard and have the calloused hands of crafting their products.

Will we find more time to dine and explore other options for foods and wine as a result? New Zealand is clearly out in front with its efforts to understand and balance its impact on the world and should be on the short list for consumers seeking to expand their personal experiences.

Good question to ask your favorite wine merchant or sommelier “What’s new from New Zealand” This is a great time of discovery.

Let us know what you find.