How Big is an Opportunity

I came across this quote the other day in the book The New Influencers and wonder if it applies to the world of both wine marketing and wine enjoyment.

“The average Barnes & Noble carries 130K titles. Yet more than half of Amazon’s book sales come from outside its top 130K titles. Consider the implication: If the Amazon statistics are any guide, the market for books that are not even sold in the average bookstore is larger than the market for those that are.  In other words, the potential book market may be twice as big as it appears to be, if only we can get over the econmics of scarcity.”

My wonder is, if the quote holds true for wine, how should the world of wine marketing engage to be part of this?

For the consumer knowing that the selection in their favorite store is only part of the picture, where do they go for information and who do they trust as their adviser’s?

The journey presents an interesting challenge for buyers and sellers. The selection, the quality has never been better. Maybe The North Face  got it right “Never Stop Exploring”


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One Response to “How Big is an Opportunity”

  1. Allan Johnston Says:

    Thats a great like Ron and brain food. All the books you don’t read won’t help you LOL.


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